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tGB | Assignment by rickatie
tGB | Assignment
You can walk on water but you don't know what it means to be in my bones, to be in my bloodstream. I started to whisper. You stared right back at me.

And in silence I found I don't know who I believe. What if what you can't, you really can? Every now and then, would you call again? I never wanted it all. I just wanted to pretend that I was awake and that you were listening. Were you listening to me? My hands still shake but its only in my head. From the side of the stage I wish you broken legs.

When I'm laying in bed and the Devil's in my dreams, will you take my hand? Will you sit beside me?

"Psych left with Charley... I have to admit I am...really jealous, angry... I miss him... how could he just leave me like that? I know they are soulbonds but I thought I was important too... He didn't even give me any consideration... just ran off.... We meet up at our spot whenever we can, but those times are scarce with the GBs running around... Maybe I should leave too, see how he likes it... Psych, darling, please come back.."

Pertinax/Art is mine obvs
TGB Adopts 6 || OPEN by rickatie
TGB Adopts 6 || OPEN
Hwahhh need some more points

Rules ×
× You can change the tribe, gender, and age!
× You can edit the tattoo! [applies mostly to shadow/light tribers]
× You can make minor edits to the design!
× You can't resell, but you can gift!
× You must credit me for the design on the reference!
× You don't have to credit me everytime you draw the character!
× You must use this character for The-Golden-Butterfly only!

#1 × Orange-Light
Price × 125 :points:

#2 × Orange-Water
Price × 50 :points:

Hope you liked this batch!~

Designs are all made by rickatie
Designs are owned by whomever buys them
Lineart is made by rrath
wowza so
ive been goin thru some art block and shit lately and decided
HEY WHY not make personalised hypo kits

basically, heres the deal

i will make a picture and draw everything myself and bla bla bla
no more will be charged unless u just wanna leave a tip or smth

heres the price:

Each Kitten will be 25 :points:;
up to 5 kittens

Necessary Information:
>Ref Links
>Colour/Tribe (of each kitten)

If you want to leave it up to me, you can, just put "____ kittens, all of your choice"

And if you really want I'll add the parents in for an extra 100 :points: (for both of them)

this will be more of a coloured sketch, tho itll be a clean sketch i promise

Example of filled out form:

- Psychinax
- [Ref link 1] [ref link 2]
- Pink-Fire: Grumpy
- Blue-Shadow: Cocky
- Blue-Fire: Shy
- Pink-Air: Kind

After the thingo is done, I will give you your total and you will pay half now and half when its finished. c:

all the points go to getting me a pm + helping out other tgb members uvu // thank u!!
ALSO: first 3 people to add " (n˘v˘•)¬ " to their posts get an extra TWO mystery kittens!!!! the next 2 will get ONE mystery kitten!!
tGB || Nima by rickatie
tGB || Nima

[ 10.2.14 | Here she is! My new Primary Light-Triber, based off my late cat. I'm hoping she'll get a lot of RPs, because holy heck she's fun to RP. Art and everything is by yours truly. First Upload. ]

× B A S I C S ×

True Name × Nima
Kit name × Mufasa
Nicknames × Muf

Gender × Female

Age × 36+ moons
Rank × Adult
Past Ranks × N/A

Profession × Healer

Current Tribe × Light-Tribe
Birth Tribe × Exile

× P O W E R S ×

Tattoo × Orange-Light
Ability × Primary

Skills ×
Skill 1 × Herbal Knowledge
You have a basic herbal knowledge.

Skill 2 × Healing Small Wounds
You can heal small wounds. Requires a lot of energy.

Skill 3 × Healing Medium Wounds
You can heal bigger wounds while spending less energy.

Skill 3 × Concentrating Gaze
You are able to see when a wound is close to infection, even from a distance. You also have a better general knowledge of wound in general, being able to scan a cat easier and detect what's wrong.

× P E R S O N A L I T Y ×

Positive ×
"Everything will be fine, you'll see!"

Although she may crouch in fear of something, Nima is quite optimistic. Even when she is stuck in a mental or emotional rut, her mindset is positive, in a view of "It can only improve."

"Hello, my name's Mufasa, but you can call me Muf, or Mu, it doesn't matter."

Nima loves making friends, and will take every chance she can get to find a new one. Due to her love to adventure, she finds herself in neutral lands a lot, which provides even more opportunities to befriend a cat. Though sometimes she can come off as annoying, she finds this trait to be one of her best, and always has the right reasons at heart.

"I can catch two mice at once, blindfolded."

Sometimes confused with cockiness, Nima is very confident in her actions, no matter whether they are perceived as right or wrong. She stands by what she believes in, to put it shortly. Even when it comes to outside her actions (with how she looks, what she says, etc) she displays the great amount of faith she has in herself.

Neutral ×
"Why? What happened? Tell me everything!"

Another thing Nima much enjoys is putting her nose where it doesn't belong. Whether it's in a pile of catnip or some messy relationships, she always wants to know what's going on, and all the specifics that drag along behind. This gets her in drama and trouble unintentionally, but even as much bad as it's brought, she still keeps up this nature and doesn't even consider being more cautious.

"C'mon, let's go see what's inside those bushes!"

This trait usually coincides with the former, and also gets Nima in to a bunch of trouble she'd be best to stay away from. She is prone to injury because of this, and has a tendency of sneaking up on others only to frighten them or to pounce. It wouldn't be uncommon for her to be away most of the day, and, also because of this, she has to remind herself that she needs to return to her tribe at night.

"First to catch a sparrow wins!"

Nima never really grew up since she was a kitten, she just became...bigger. She still enjoys playing and roughhousing with other cats, which may easily get onto others' nerves. This trait is probably a major cause for her enjoying the company of younger, or at least happier, cats.

"Of course, that was way back when. The most recent time we met up he teased me about talking a lot, but, hey, someone's gotta keep a conversation going, right?"

Nima talks...a lot. A bit too much, perhaps, but she believes it helps her get to know someone, and helps keep up a conversation, especially if the other person is quiet. Of course, this trait may cause her to make some enemies, mostly because she can never seem to notice when someone doesn't want to listen to her rambling, or if she does she pretends not to.

Negative ×
"There was this mouse that was just begging me to catch it, as if he was ready to give up his life, but next thing I know he runs off as soon as my paws are on him! Which sent me tumbling down this hill, making my paws all sore. Everything hurts."

Nima is used to getting what she wants. She's not exactly spoiled, or greedy, it's just how she grew up, so when she's too hungry, or wants more sleep, or gets a scratch on her pawpad, she's known to whine and complain.

"I'm not going anywhere."

Nima can be a bit selfish at times, and when she wants something to happen, she's determined to make it happen. Sometimes it doesn't work, but either way she'll stick to what she says and she is hard to sway. This can be aggravating, but as long as the right cat is with her, everything can go smoothly.

"I want it now!"

Not used to having to wait long for anything, Nima has a bad habit of being very impatient. She can't wait to get home and eat, she doesn't want to wait long for an apprentice to show, etc. Sometimes, her impatience is understandable to a degree when someone or something is late, but other than that, it exists only to annoy her and possibly others.

× A P P E A R A N C E ×

Height × 11in
Weight × 7.5lb

Breed ×
× Domestic Short Hair
× Siamese
× Abyssinian

Scars/Disabilities ×

General Appearance ×
Nima is a short-haired, mainly white she-cat with olive-coloured eyes. She has black spots that run along her back, face and the back of her rear legs. The same colour also completely covers her tail. Her ears are a shade of pink and she has white ear fur. Her nose and pawpads have similar patterns and colours: pink with dark grey spots.

Accessories ×

× F A M I L Y ×

Blood Family ×
Father's Side ×
Grandfather ×
Arip | Deceased | Black-Air | Eden

Grandmother ×
Lo | Deceased | Black-Fire | Eden

Mother's Side ×
Grandfather ×
Tiny | Deceased | Black-Earth | Eden

Grandmother ×
Jazz | Deceased | Black-Earth | Eden

Father ×
Radka | Unknown | Black-Water | Unknown

Mother ×
Mufin | Unknown | Black-Light | Unknown

Littermates ×
Waffle | Unknown | Black-Shadow | Unknown

Siblings ×

Extended Family ×
Uncles/Aunts ×
Aime | Deceased | Black-Air | Eden
Thorn | Unknown | Black-Water | Unknown

Cousins ×

Nieces/Nephews ×

Adopted Family ×
[includes in-laws]
Brothers ×

Sisters ×

Uncles/Aunts ×

Cousins ×

Nieces/Nephews ×

× R E L A T I O N S H I P S ×

Sexual Orientation × Heterosexual Biromantic
Relationship Status × Single

Attracted to ×
× Brown pelts
× Cheerful personalities

Possible Attractions × N/A

Mate × N/A
Former Mates × N/A

Soulbond × N/A

Mentor × N/A
Apprentice × N/A
Past Apprentices ×
× N/A

× H I S T O R Y ×

Prologue ×
Nima was born under the kit name 'Mufasa', in some neutral lands by a loner couple. Although these two were very in love at the time, the birth ruined the relationship. With a litter of six, only two survived: Mufasa and Waffle. This broke both the parents hearts, and eventually the Dad fled, leaving both of the kittens with their mother.

Kithood ×
Right from the beginning, the personality difference between Waffle and Nima were different. Nima had the tendency to venture off, cause trouble, and be active almost twenty-four hours a day. Her brother, however, was almost the complete opposite, nagging when she was too loud, growling at her if she tried to play with him, and sleeping as much as he could.

Her mother still did her best to take care of them, and although it was hard work, she still managed to keep them alive day-to-day. She fed them, hunted for them, and cared for them. As the days passed, they travelled. At first, they were slow, due to the kittens being clumsy and easy to tire, but as they grew so did their stamina, and before long Nima was even more excited for the travelling, now that she didn't get tired. Her brother now tolerated it instead of almost constantly complaining, too.

Adolescence ×
Not much happened as Nima passed through adolescence, or at least nothing to note. Her and her brother learned to hunt, and they learned how to find water sources and use their noses. They learned how to climb trees, and how to tread on narrow branches when crossing rivers. Their mother taught them everything she knew, and with that they grew up to be fit and able.

Eventually though, their mother confessed that she had been trying to lead them to the tribes. She herself had never been apart of them, and felt it was too late for her to, but she wanted the two to enjoy their lives in there. However, she was growing old and weary, and she wasn't sure if she could lead them anywhere.

Saddened by the news, Nima tried to convince her otherwise. She didn't want to leave her mother, and especially didnt want to be giving up on her in anyway. Her brother took the news differently though, accepting the wish his mother had. It took a few days, but eventually he convinced his sister that they could travel off alone together. She agreed, on the condition that they'd find a nice place for their mother to stay.

Adulthood ×
By the time they found the perfect place, it had been a couple months, and Nima had finally entered adulthood. Her and her brother had found a nice place in a cave, safe and sound from predators, but with a good amount of prey. After a few days of sadness and procrastination, they finally said goodbye to their mother, and set off on their own.

Travelling with Waffle wasn't the most interesting thing, but at least he was happier and funner around Nima. She was grateful for at least that. After all, she saw him around strangers and she would hate having to deal with that version of her brother. They searched for the tribes together, and with four eyes looking, it wasn't too long before they were found.

Waffle had been hesitant, and told his sister he needed some time to think about whether or not he really wanted to join the tribes. Even though she pleaded he join with her, he just shook his head and told her that he'd tell her his decision when it came, encouraging her to go on without him.

So she did. Nima entered the Light Tribe camp, and before long she was taken to the leader, where she was accepted into the tribe with open arms, and given her true name. Even with the new shocks and surroundings, she settled into tribe life well, and remains happy where she is.

Epilogue ×

× R O L E P L A Y - E X A M P L E ×

Example ×
[ Orange-Fire | Pertinax | Neutral Lands ]


Damn. He was onto her.

The silver she-cat stood, shaking out her fur, "Hush, hush, doll. Just relax. You'll love it, trust me." She couldn't attack now, now that he was ready and tensed. Of course, she could trip him up. His posture was firm but once knocked over he was at a huge disadvantage.

She contemplated doing so, but decided to get him to relax, and then catch him off guard. That would be a lot easier.

"Come on, Swirl." She mewed pleadingly, though the begging in her voice was, for the most part, feigned. "I've done so much to get this for you, and it took a lot to ensure it's safety." That wasn't really a lie. She did have to plan for days, and spent a bit in the storm to calm down the she-cat that held the accessory. The same she-cat that ran off not long later...

She shook her head to dismiss the thoughts. 'Focus on what's going on now.' Her conscious mumbled to her.
× Excerpt taken from an RP with Karmatastrophe

× C R E D I T S ×

Art © rickatie
Character © rickatie
Coding © rickatie
TGB © Admins
I'm a loser and procrastinating.

- Choose 14 people
- Use
- Have fun!

Your Groom/Bride:
Vinscribbles (well hey there)

The Best Man:
2tigershade4 (perf)

The Ring Bearer:
EzrasPost (yaass)

The Flower Girl:
skitty22 (get some good ones)

The Wedding Planner:
rainwolfeh (better make it gud)

The Priest(s)
unfierce (l au GHs)

The Bride's Maid
Karmatastrophe (aw)

The Chef
Prawes (i swear to god if you mess up i will kill u)

The Father-in-Law
Sophister (omfg hello father)

The Overly-Joyed Crying Mother-in-Law
Rupaint-x (8D)

The Best Man Is watching
party-mcfly (b careful lucas)

The Jealous One
meowfin (:0000)

The Wedding Crasher
kindalkaykay (im not surprised)

The Photographer:
roarinnuendo (PERFECT)

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